Alice Fox – kathmandu triennale

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Artwork Description

Taxi Guff Gaff KTM, 2016

These series of drawings are the result of a taxi ride. Taxi Guff Gaff KTM invited 12 artists, writers and thinkers, 4 taxis, their drivers and Kathmandu’s monsoon roads to undertake a conversational journey. The smells, noise and bumpy city roads were all collaborators in creating this series of drawings charting their journey across the Valley. Roads are the arteries of the city, sometimes flowing other times blocked, tarmacked and smooth in parts and pitted and muddy in others. Through Taxi Guff Gaff KTM artists channeled this forward motion with erratic twists and turns as they moved through the ever changing city scape during the course of a day.


Alice Fox (b. 1966) is a Tate Exchange Associate, Deputy Head of the School of Art at the University of Brighton, UK. She is the founder of the pioneering master’s degree program on Inclusive Arts Practice. Her interests include conversations, collaborations, and artistic exchange. Alice’s research practice focuses on inclusive arts education, participatory performance, and visual art.

As Director of the learning disabled Rocket Artists, she directed Side by Side: learning disability, art and collaboration - an international exhibition and symposium of Inclusive Arts at the Southbank Centre. Alice co-authored Inclusive Arts Practice and Research: A Critical Manifesto, published by Routledge 2015. She collaboratively directed and performed in It’s a Wrap and Smudged inclusive dance performances at Tate Modern and Measures of Bodies at the opening night of the European Conference on Childhood Disability, Brussels Medical Museum.

Alice is also a trustee for Epic Arts, an inclusive art center in Cambodia. In the early eighties, Alice was the singer in the cult band The Marine Girls.