Bart Lodewijks – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

Wall installation with photographic documents of interventions in different cities around the globe, including Kathmandu

The primary medium for Bart Lodewijks is chalk. While walking around in cities and places Bart Lodewijks finds spots to make his chalk drawings, which are characterized by their directness, simplicity and ephemeral consititution. Other than Kathmandu, Bart Lodewijks has worked in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Gent, Sligo, London and many others. The last few weeks the artist has been leaving his traces on different buildings and neighborhoods around of Kathmandu and Lalitpur.


Chalk (about the work of Bart Lodewijks)

From residential buildings in quiet suburbs to street surfaces in bustling city centres, Dutch artist Bart Lodewijks uses urban environments as a canvas for his abstract chalk drawings.

How can drawing activate a shared experience? Stating that his lines are both of ‘chalk and trust’, Lodewijks is interested in drawing as a social practice built on conversations with individuals and communities.

While the drawings often disappear, the stories and encounters are captured through his writings. Texts and photographs of the work come together in publications, newspapers, exhibitions and lectures. The work is subject of a feature documentary film (“chalk”) currently being made by Belgian filmmaker Griet Teck.

In recent years, Lodewijks has realised long-term drawing projects in collaboration with S.M.A.K., Ghent (Belgium) / Whitechapel Gallery, London (UK) / Capacete, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) / The Model, Sligo (Ireland) and his work was shown in exhibitions in MMCA, Seoul (South Korea) / Bozar, Brussels (Belgium).


Kathmandu: drawings in the city

During a 3 week work period in Kathmandu, Lodewijks will go into the city every day, looking for walls, houses, interiors, street surfaces that he finds fitting for his drawings with blackboard chalk. The drawings are meant as sketches, left behind on the location where they came into existence – instead of taken away in a sketchbook. Often, a drawing is not fully visible, for example because it turns a corner, because it continues a number of streets further on, or has been washed away by rain. Chalk is an innocent material, thus the drawings form no threat: they can permeate easier into a social context than a permanent material.


Drawings, newspaper spreads, publications

Lodewijks’ drawings will also appear on several locations of the Kathmandu Triennale. Next to these drawings, a selection of images from long-term drawing projects in Belgium, The Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean, Brazil, Portugal, the UK and Ireland will be on show in the form of newspaper spreads. And a selection of books will be shown, made with art publisher Roma Publications ( between 2003 and 2017.