Jorge Macchi – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

Central Kathmandu, 2017

The material the artist has used is a map of central Kathmandu. The map has been cut out till only major roads and rivers remain. The city becomes a fine and fragile network of streets, where the ground is omitted. The city becomes a poetic fabric of connecting elements. Even then when one thinks of the traffic jams and the pollution that are a daily ordeal for the city’s inhabitants only a little of the poetry is intact. The artist here turns something we all know into an unexpected object of beauty.



Considered one of Argentina’s leading living artists, Jorge Macchi works in a wide range of mediums, from sculpture and painting to installation, video, and conceptual and performance work. Macchi often begins his process with a drawing, giving form to an image that he finds compelling; some images will remain as drawings or watercolor sketches, while others evolve into three-dimensional works or videos. “Everything starts with an image, a sort of surprise in the midst of the linearity of daily experience,” he has said. Macchi is interested in chance and the accidental, and readymades—such as newspaper clippings, city maps, and sheet music—frequently find their way into his work. In Buenos Aires Tour (2003), a collaborative mixed-media work in which Macchi cracked a pane of glass over a city map in order to determine a random path through it, music, sounds, and other materials found along the route make up an alternative tour. He cites John Cage and Jorge-Luis Borges as influences.

Argentine, b. 1963, Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina