Kader Attia – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

‘Reflecting Memory’, 2017

The notion of cultural repair is at the heart of the rich work of the internationally recognized artist Kader Attia. ‘Reflecting Memory’ is a video that the artist has been showing in the Centre Pompidou in Paris, on the occasion of the Marcel Duchamp prize. The video is a documentary discussing, through different perspectives (medical, psychological, social etc.) the notion of the ‘phantom pain’. Persons who have lost their limbs still feeling pain or sensations on the appendage that is no more. A method with mirrors gives the victims a sense of completeness. The whole film is an exploration into the notion of trauma, but at the same time the notion of repair. Talking about human beings, the film is at the same time a metaphor for society.



Kader Attia (b. 1970, France), grew up in both Algeria and the suburbs of Paris, and uses this experience of living as a part of two cultures as a starting point to develop a dynamic practice that reflects on aesthetics and ethics of different cultures. He takes a poetic and symbolic approach to exploring the wide-ranging repercussions of Western modern cultural hegemony and colonialism on non-Western cultures, investigating identity politics of historical and colonial eras, from Tradition to Modernity, in the light of our globalized world, of which he creates a genealogy.

For several years, his research focuses on the concept of Repair, as a constant in Human Nature, of which the modern Western Mind and the traditional extra-Occidental Thought have always had an opposite vision. From Culture to Nature, from gender to architecture, from science to philosophy, any system of life is an infinite process of repair.

Recent exhibitions include “Sacrifice and Harmony”, a solo show at Museum Für Moderne Kunst, Francfort, “The Injuries are Here” a solo show at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts de Lausanne, “Culture, Another Nature Repaired”, a solo show at the Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, ‘Contre Nature’, a solo show at the Beirut Art Center, ‘Continuum of Repair: The Light of Jacob’s Ladder’, a solo show at Whitechapel Gallery, London, ‘Repair. 5 Acts’, a solo show at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, ‘Construire, Déconstruire, Reconstruire: Le Corps Utopique’, a solo show at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the Biennale of Dakar, dOCUMENTA(13) in Kassel, ‘Performing Histories (1)’ at MoMA, New York, and ‘Contested Terrains’, Tate Modern, London.