Kailash K Shrestha – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description


In this painting the artists depicts few persons: ministers or those in power. By omitting the faces and hands, keeping the painting in an ‘unfinished’ state, the artist makes a gentle statement on status and power. The focus is not on the individual but on the attributes which defines the person’s status. At the same time a question of individual versus the collective is articulated.



Kailash K Shrestha (b. 1985) is a contemporary visual artist based in Kathmandu born in Gairimudi village, Dolakha and received his BFA from Kathmandu University. He is the founder of Artudio, A Centre for Visual Arts based in Kathmandu.

He is the First Recipient of the Prestigious Young Artist Award from The Australian Himalayan Foundation in 2009. He has participated in several national and international workshops and residencies along with two solo exhibitions and many national and international group exhibitions including, Kathmandu International Arts Festival and Dhaka Biennale.

His current work deals with the contemporary socio-political context and an identity in varied mediums from the daily newspapers to photographs, paintings, and other experimental mediums.

He has also established A Pran Community Art Centre in his birthplace, Gairimudi, Dolakha after the earthquake and initiated “Dolakha Album” curated art residency in the center and in the community itself as part of the long-term vision of the center. Kailash has curated many residencies and exhibitions and some of them include Dolakha album, a short term curated community homestay art residency hosted in Gairimudi, Dolakha by Artudio, UNHCR and IOM’s, Marking the 100,000 Resettlement of Bhutanese Refugees and co-curated Yantra 4.0 Art.Tech.Science exhibition.