Karan Shrestha – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

Eveything at centre is a little off, 2017 (map) this centre, off-centre/(drawing/triptych) history is present tense (video installation) an uncertain horizon

The work of Karan Shrestha is a mixed-media installation where the artist gives a kind of allegorical view on the city of Kathmandu. The artist is combining different kind of footage of the city of Kathmandu. The drawing of the Kathmandu valley is a detailed account where the artist merges in a symbolic way past and present events in the city.


Karan Shrestha lives and works out of Mumbai, India and Kathmandu, Nepal as an independent filmmaker, short story writer and artist. He studied at Sydney Film School and began making films and video shorts in 2009, experimenting and exploring hybrid narratives. His fictional works stemming from personal politics and social issues examine and restructure our notions of the ‘present’.

His art works and films have been part of group exhibitions and screenings in UK, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Indonesia, India and Nepal.

Selected Exhibitions and Screenings:


Archetype Gallery, NSW, Australia, Dec’ 2010


Sandarbh Artist’s Workshop, Jaipur, India, Nov’ 2012


Photo.Circle, Kathmandu, Nepal, April’ 2013

Chauvel Cinema Paddington, NSW, Australia, Dec’ 2013


NFDC Film Bazaar, International Co-production, Goa, India, Oct’ 2014


Delfina Foundation, London, UK, Sept’ 2015

International Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland, Nov’ 2015


PIX: A Photography Quarterly, The Gallery, New Delhi, India, April’ 2016

Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal, July’ 2016

ARKIPEL International Documentary and Film Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia, August’ 2016

PIX: A Photography Quarterly, Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal, September’ 2016

Photo Kathmandu, Nepal, October’ 2016