Laxman Bajra Lama – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description


Nepali artist Laxman Bazra Lama has a sense for fine, detailed painting. The way he is paints is like other artists making collages. He brings together elements of different contexts into what one could call a surrealist composition. In his paintings we find a mix of traditional and contemporary. His paintings are pamphlets where quotations of other artists are present (f.i. surrealist master René Magritte).


Laxman is a BFA graduate of Kathmandu Universtiy. Previously Laxman did portraits for his friends but he has expanded his horizons to creates artwork for all, which at first glance makes them smile and later makes them think. He loves creating artwork that satire his surroundings; his artwork underneath have something to speak about which make people think.