Leyla Aydoslu – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description


Leyla Aydoslu is trained as a painter but works as a sculptor with found and used materials. She is interested in leftovers, or materials which take on a form or show traces of former use. For the Kathmandu Triennale the work is centered around the prototype of the shed designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. The three outdoor forms looks like extractions of the existing shed, as if further constructions are planned. Inside additional pillars are built, loose bricks piled up on top of each other supported by vertical wooden beams. The artist makes a connection between inside and outside, opaque and transparent, process and result. The whole installation breaths the city in which it is positioned, Kathmandu.



Trained as a painter, Leyla started working with three-dimensional elements and generated a very peculiar way of thinking about the conditions of painting within a sculptural and architectural context. However, this work not only deals with these somewhat theoretical questions. In the sculptural work the body and the materials used, are given a central role, which gives the works a sense of immediacy and an urgency that goes beyond theory.