Martin Travers – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description


Martin Travers makes for the Kathmandu Triennale a large mural dedicated to the victims of the 2015 earthquakes. Mixing traditional motifs with contemporary realism, he portrays a powerful image of a country coming to terms to the disaster.


Originating from London, Martin Travers is an international mural artist who has lived and worked in many different countries and his love for working with communities has kept him close to the locals.

Martin's art is rooted in a mixture of figurative realism, muralism and aerosol art, he derives inspiration from the rich heritage of artists working as social critics and documentarians.

With an innovative mixture of techniques and styles Martin uses images and stories from history to address modern day issues, his art deals passionately with the concepts of identity and self empowerment on both an individual and community level.

Martin travels the world painting murals, working on community arts projects, his goal is to work towards building positive creative alternatives for “at risk” youth and Communities. He specializes in teaching and giving workshops on this subject.

What makes his art unique is the ability to utilize stories and cultural imagery from any community to enhance a sense of self empowerment in the local people no matter where in the world it is