Ronny Delrue – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

Dialogue depth, 2017

Both artists started an ongoing exchange of drawingletters between Gent and Kathmandu. Their meeting is a questioning and understanding of each other’s identities through a series of drawings, photographs, objects. The exhibition space in Nepal Art Council is the studio of the artists where most of the work has been realized. Part of it is conceived as a space for presentation, part as an ongoing working place. The result is a an installation as a sequence of images, drawings and other media which gives an insight into the wonderful encounter between two artists from different cultural backgrounds.



Ronny Delrue (b. 1957) believes that paintings need to move between appearance and disappearance. A painting must resemble a portrait, which at least disguises as much as it reveals. His paintings exist in the twilight zone of the imagined reality.

For Delrue, drawing is thinking and dreaming simultaneously. It enables him to create another world, one only he is aware of on appearance. To him, drawing feels like setting off on a journey. The point of arrival only matters when the destination has been reached where the pencil shows the route to take. He aims to paint and draw in exactly the same way.

His recent exhibitions include Arteriae, Krome Gallery Berlin/Luxembourg, Luxembourg, V.v.G. memories revisited, Van Gogh Galerie, Zundert, Integration installation Dr. H.v.d. S., Portraits Gallery KU Leuven, Flacon de neige, Galerie Jacques Cerami, Charleroi (Couillet), Belgium, Ronny Delrue, Eté 78, Brussels.