Saurganga Darshandhari – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

Mero Aama ko Thaili (My mother’s purse), 2017

Saurganga excels in printmaking and etching. In this medium she explores with delicacy and a sense for  lines and traces issues that often deal with femininity. A personal sense of beauty is linked with motives which move between figuration and forms of abstraction.  For the Kathmandu Triennale the artist conceived a brand new series of etchings and a sound installation ‘Mero Aama ko Thaili’. In each print the Thaili (purse) of her mother is the protagonist of the etching. A purse is here like a container - not only to keep money, but also to preserve memories and personal emotions.


Saurganga Darshandhari is a visual artist and printmaker based in Kathmandu. She received her MFA in printmaking from University of Development Alternative, Dhaka, Bangladesh where she was the recipient of the Best Media Award in 2008. Darshandhari has exhibited her artworks in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, South Korea, and Sri Lanka and has participated in artist residencies in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Korea and Japan. Her solo show A Printmaker’s Feelings was held at Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center in 2010. Darshandhari was among exhibiting artists in the 2nd Kathmandu International Arts Festival, and has also exhibited at the 13th and 15th Asian Art Biennale ( Bangladesh), and 19th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (Japan).

She has won several awards including: Basanta Women's Exhibition (2012), National Regional Award from the Nepal Academy of Fine Art (2014), Australian Himalayan Art Foundation Award (2014). More recently she received Araniko Youth Award (2016). She teaches printmaking at Tribhuvan University's Lalitkala Campus and Sirjana College of Fine arts. Darshandhari is a founder of Bindu Space for artists.