Setsu Suzuki – kathmandu triennale

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Setsu Suzuki


Artwork Description

Taue Project, ongoing

Setsu Suzuki has been installing his Taue Project in the garden of KCAC about half a year ago. For the Kathmandu Triennale the artist shows an overview of the project in its different stages. Setsu Suzuki is a sculptor who is carving in different materials. The act of sculpting or carving is an act which is for the artist important in the way it relates to issues in society.



Setsu Suzuki (b. 1953) is a sculptor. He believes that a sculptor is an artisan who carves, chops and joins the world’s materials. He does not simply take the beauty of the world and stick it together, but carves, chops and reassembles materials to contemplate society’s pros and cons.

He feels like it is an operation when he cuts materials. He tries to find the problems and troubles of today’s established society, and tries to make them better. From this perspective, he has thought about the problems and relationships between reality and art, art and the earth, and the earth and human beings.

His recent exhibitions have been “Genfukei –ten 2008” at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, “Art Wave 2010” at Tenshin Memorial Museum Of Art,Ibaraki and “Reclaim” at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

He has been doing an art project called "TAUE PROJECT" for nearly 20 years. This project was also carried out in Japan six times in the past, Bangladesh in 2010, Santiniketan in India in 2011, Indonesia in 2013, and Hetada in Nepal in last year . "TAUE" means rice planting, and in this project is installing 1,300 poles in a rice paddy fields like rice seedling transplants. Each pole is covered with  masked man named "RAKAN" he sculpted, and each face has a different expressions. This art project is a kind of installation in the natural environment. Also, since natural art itself is part of a work of art, it is sometimes called environmental art . He will reconsider the relationship between nature and human beings through his art projects. And he is intended to construct a new society through art projects.