Tushikur Rahman – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description

The Sudden Walks, 2015-2017

For about a week this artist has been photographing in Kathmandu. He has been walking around in the city to find the ‘instant moment’ when he can capture the hidden and unknown layers of the city. The artist does not focus so much on things that are usually photographed, instead he tries to look at the city with a different eye. In this series, Kathmandu is the starting point to, sometimes dark, photographs that in the pictures could be any place.


Tushikur Rahman (b. 1987) is a documentary photographer who prefers to work with social issues both urban and rural.

In 2009, Tushikur enrolled in Pathshala South Asian Media Academy for a BA in Photography. He has documented the lives of ‘Tiger widows’ and a full sequence of a tiger being slaughtered by hundreds of people in Shatkhira, Bangladesh. During 2005-8 he traveled across Bangladesh to capture the lives of various people living in sufic orders, their unconventional lifestyle and their love and passion towards music. In 2010, he finished his latest project, Fatalistic Tendency, a subject concerned with depression that results in violence.