Waseem Ahmed – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description


The main element of this installation are casts of dentures. These dentures are used to create a form which is between a female figure or a bullet. The artist alludes to the fact that the outer skin of something does not reveal the inner side. The dentures refer to individual persons or even to forensic science. The artist makes a diptych in which the colors refer to miniature painting. Beauty and repulsion are combined in this installation where the artists transforms the complex situation of his own country into an artwork.



Waseem Ahmed is one of the leading miniature artists in Pakistan. His extraordinary series of miniatures discuss contemporary and highly topical issues. Mullahs are one of Ahmed’ s recurrent characters. They are delicately painted like saints or princes and their expression is filled with inner peace. Gardens are another recurrent subject matter symbolizing visions of paradise and they are often embellished with fine calligraphy. Also women wearing the Burka frequently appear in his work hinting terrorism and fear. The artist final aim is to represent the contradiction which lies between our life of desires and the transiency of life.

Waseem Ahmed was born in 1976 in Hyderabad, Pakistan and he now lives and works in Lahore.  Ahmed attended the National College of Arts in Lahore where he attained a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Miniature Paintings) in 2000.

Since 1993 the artist has been extensively exhibiting his works in international museums and galleries in Australia, Pakistan, India, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Greece, France, Nepal and Turkey.

Ahmed’s works can also be found in important international private and public collections, such as the the British Museum in London and the Anupam Poddar Collection in India.