Youdhister Maharjan – kathmandu triennale

Artist Profile

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Artwork Description


Newspapers are the main material for the work created by Boston-based Youdhister Maharjan for Kathmandu Triennale. The artist questions the daily information with which we are surrounded in making delicate cut-outs and collages using newspaper pages. The information becomes secondary, the play of forms, lines and shadows prevail. In a gentle and precise way the artist subverts the way we are informed daily about what’s happening in politics, economy and society as a whole. In the back garden of the Patan Museum the artists constructs a sculpture between trees just by piling up newspapers. The newspapers is used in the way a painter uses paint. Rain and sun will modify the work during the course of the exhibition.


Youdhister Maharjan works with found materials and reclaimed text, engaging in laboriously repetitive and autopoietic processes, to create a new language that transcends their humble origin and takes a new life of its own, independent of its prescribed meaning and form; inquiring the intersection of identity and anonymity, individual and collective, familiar and alien; exploring the materiality of text; and reasserting the thingness of language.