Veeranganakumari Solanki Jamwal – kathmandu triennale

Curator's Profile

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Veeranganakumari Solanki Jamwal

Curator Statement

A city is a melting pot of cultures. It engages, immerses, invites, perplexes, reacts, gives back, grows and opens up to endless discoveries. Each city is a universe, with its people creating worlds of their own within them. As a city grows, it adds experience, incidents and cultures to its age. The people it brings up travel to return and enrich the process of its growth. They bring back knowledge from other shores. Memories, beliefs and ancient myths adapt to contemporary situations and create new platforms for new dimensions of cultures and identities. The symposium will explore various aspects connected with a city, through performances and discussions with artists, writers, scholars and people from various discipline, all of who come together to create a city’s history and identity.

The Symposium will take place between 25 and 31 March, during the opening week, with support of national and international artists, art professional and other experts. It will feature 14 sessions that will range from roundtables to presentations, panels to lectures. One day of the Symposium will be dedicated to Performance Art, in recognition of KT 2017’s Patron Artist Francis Alÿs. This day will feature performances by KT 2017 and other artists in particular exhibition and public venues.


Veeranganakumari is an independent curator and art-writer; based in Bengaluru, India. She studied English Literature; and holds post-graduate diplomas in Indian Aesthetics; Art Criticism and Theory; as well as a Masters in History; and was a participant of the first Gwangju Biennale International Curators’ course. Her curatorial experience has involved research, curating and co-curating exhibitions and writing for several art publications and journals on emerging Indian, Asian and international artists and art practices; in India as well as internationally. She is currently the India correspondent for Flash Art International. She was on the jury panel of the 8th and 9th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize and is the recipient of the first illySustainArt Curator’s prize (2011) and the 1st Annual ALICE (Artistic Landmark in Contemporary Experience) Public’s Voice Award 2012 for best Emerging Curator. She has contributed papers and articles to several international art journals and publications. She has lectured at the Asian Contemporary Art Conference at the Kuandu Biennale, Taiwan and conducted introductory workshops on curating in Kathmandu.