Masterclass on Behavior Change Media Campaign – kathmandu triennale


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12 Sep

  • Monday
  • 12.09.2016

Masterclass on Behavior Change Media Campaign

The workshop explored the practices and theories that guide the development of an effective media campaign. It used a SAFEI Grantee Project, Project Saanghu, as its case study. Participants conducted appropriate situation analysis through surveys, research, and audience segmentation, and applied principles of community-friendly design, psychology, and behavior change media to derive custom creative concepts. Development of effective communication through brand strategies and logic frameworks, and the monitoring and evaluation of campaigns and their impact will also took place.

Building on their past efforts to instigate a campaign to clean the river, Project Saanghu wishes to develo p a long-term strategic plan that can engender more impactful conversation. It hopes to function as a knowledge base for artists working around the issues of pollution and infrastructure as well as an instigating point for behavior change campaign educating the few residential houses along the river about their harmful habits of dumping waste in the river.

The masterclass served as capacity building exercise but also functioned as a forum where participants brainstormed for the possible campaigns that are conducive to the ability of project team and strategic location/stakholdership of the space.

The workshop was facilitated by Sanjay Madnani.

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