Traces & Signs: A workshop by Anno Dijkstra – kathmandu triennale


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18 Mar

  • 10:00 AM
  • Saturday
  • 18.03.2017

  • 06:00 PM
  • Sunday
  • 19.03.2017

Traces & Signs: A workshop by Anno Dijkstra

What is a trace? What is a sign? How are they similar? How are they different?

During the workshop, a group of art students will work with Anno Dijkstra to create traces and identify them to be different from signs. For this, the students will work outdoors at the UN Park premises. The group will research, collect, make and discuss.

The workshop is open for 1st and 2nd year art students. To take part, apply here:

Anno Dijkstra sculpts images in order to slow down, to make the absent image present again. Modern communication media – television images, newspaper photos, computer images -  fast and ephemeral, show us the farthest reaches of the world. In the intimacy of our living rooms we become witnesses of things that are far away, but precisely because of this they emphasize the physical and emotional distance to the image we look at.

In his work the artist recently made a significant shift from an emphasis on iconic images which are part of our collective memory to portraits of people who can only be found in the anonymity of daily life. But the search for the central question of presentation and the use of the medium remains central. While the artist raised questions in his earlier work about our responsibility for events, which by means of ephemeral and continuously repeating media images are anchored in our collective memory, in more recent work he takes a step back and wonders what it means to be lifted out of anonymity and to be exposed as an image to countless invisible eyes.