AAMAA – kathmandu triennale


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‘AAMAA’: a dance performance created collaboratively with a multi-generational ensemble of Nepali women & girls from different backgrounds, decades, and dance origins.

‘AAMAA’: a women’s ritual, performed by an all-female ensemble to exemplify their community. Performance scores (score: meaning a framework within which performance happens) will be about their daily lives, their spirituality, and their societal concerns. Rehearsals, from January – March 2016, will focus on creating a strong collective, learning post-modern dance and performance art techniques, developing movement rituals, and gathering resources.

The final performances will include a series of scores that come out of the rehearsal process, focusing on ideas such as; washing hair, food rituals, touch/relationship, decade experience, origins, and more. Beyond the final live performances, a short art film is being created of the dance. Ms. Reid’s current Fulbright Creative Arts grant in Nepal supports this project.

AAMAA ensemble objectives:

1) build a common language, build a strong ensemble.
2) experience and learn about post-modern dance and collective creativity.
3) make scores.
4) create rituals out of our every-day experiences.
5) create art representative of our womanhood, spirituality, intuition, daily lives, and experiences of being female.
6) within the group experience: create individual expression, trust, comfort,
and honesty.
7) develop awareness of our bodies and our environment.
8) work together as a creative collective of female artists.
9) bring the workshop experiences into daily life.
10)create a final ritual (a final performance) to be shown to an audience that tells our story.

Location: Taragaon Museum Amphitheater


There will be live music for the performance, therefore, a microphone &
amplifications for instruments.

Ryan Elisabeth Reid
visual artist + performance maker
Fulbright Creative Arts Grant – Nepal

www.ryanelisabethreid.com | lalathereid@icloud.com

Agria Maharjan
Rejisna Singh
Bijaya Tripathi
Arpana Lama
Jenisha Maharjan
Sumnima Sampang
Pooja Gurung
Subima Shrestha
Mithila Sharma
Honey Shrestha