ART (OF) JOURNEY – TEAM.WORK – kathmandu triennale


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Visiting hours: 2:30 – 5PM, 27 March (official program)

Daily tours at every full hour: 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM (evening tour)


Team.Work for KT 2017 aims to find ways of collaboration between Polish artists and culture-makers with the members of the Sa: ko Community of Sundhara, Patan. The actual process and methodology of the art-journey covers the preparation of travel, variety of communication challenges on the way and working on-site. Activities with the community includes: workshops, discussions, public performances, meetings, screenings, small journeys and tours, site-specific engagement co-created with members of the community.

Krzysztof Łukomski is a PhD-lecturer and curator of various art-events.

He works in the field of art-education where he researches methodologies of process-oriented approach, interdisciplinary and performative experiences of art, community-based practices, psychology and choreography of art-reception, communication design and mobility of artists.

For any questions or remarks: 9813693020 or e-mail