Shortwaves Film Festival, KT 2017 Edition – kathmandu triennale


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Shortwaves Film Festival, KT 2017 Edition

Date/Time: 30/31 March, 6 pm

Short Waves Festival takes place every year in more than 30 Polish and some international cities. It focuses on the promotion of Polish short films, inviting the audience to vote for their favourites. The Festival programme is diverse and includes not only narratives, documentaries and animations, but video arts and music videos as well.



A man returned / dir. Mahdi Fleifel / Documentary / 2016 / UK, Lebanon, Denmark, The Netherlands /2015 / 30′

Reda dreams of escaping the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain El-Helweh. He struggles with addiction and the encroachment of Syrian war. Against all odds, he decides to marry his childhood sweetheart.

Saturday (Samedi) / dir. Hannibal Mahe / Fiction / France / 2015 / 12’

Manu escapes from the juvenile detention center. Outside, no one is waiting for him.

I Was A Winner / dir. Jonas Odell / Animation / Sweden / 2016 / 14’

Two men and one woman addicted to videogames tell their stories.

Over / dir. Jorn Threlfall / Fiction / UK / 2015 / 14’

Over uses reverse-speed storytelling to reveal the incidents which caused a crime scene in a quiet neighbourhood suburb.

Grandma’s Day / dir. Miłosz Sakowski / Fiction / Poland / 2015 / 30’

Tom needs money. He decides to cheat an elderly woman, who locks him up in her apartment. A deal is proposed that intertwines their lives in unexpected ways.

Day 2


Invisible, dir. Zofia Pręgowska / documentary / 2014 / 22 min

Mrs. Krystyna, an eighty eight year blind poet, is confined within the walls of her flat, dependent on the care of others, she comments her life with poetry.

Unwanted desires, dir. Ola Szmida / animation / 2014 / 4 min

A cheeky animation about people.

The governance of love, dir. Adela Kaczmarek /documentary, animation / 2012 / 14 min.

An animated documentary about the imaginated world of the protagonist. His world ignites thought about the existential notions of good and evil.

Our curse, dir. Tomasz Śliwiński / documentary / 2013 /30 min

A personal video-diary of a couple coping with their newborn’s rare disease. Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome or CCHS affects breathing during sleep and requires lifetime of ventilator support. The film shows the first few months of living together after the diagnosis.

Close Ties, dir. Zofia Kowalewska /documentary / 2016 / 18 min

A couple gets back together after 8 years of separation and 45 years of marriage. But everyday life in one apartment becomes challenge for the reacquainted couple.