KT 2017 Progress: Call for Proposals – kathmandu triennale

KT 2017 Progress: Call for Proposals

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On January 10th, 2017, Srijanalaya, Kathmandu Triennale's educational outreach partner, introduced the selected artists of the Triennale to various arts institutions of Nepal. Together, they will create multiple encounters, workshops, and seminars with the artists.

The meeting was attended by Quixote's Cove, Room to Read Nepal, Bindu Bindu, Drawing Room KTM, Nepal Art Council, Bikalpa Art Center, La.Lit, Nritya Aagan, Ka Baata, The Art Room, image ark, and other artistic institutions of Nepal.

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Sharareh Bajracharya​, founder of Srijanalaya​, explained the overall goals of the outreach program, advised topics to include in the proposals, and gave an orientation about the dates of the Triennale.

The attendees prepared the list of ideas for a meaningful engagement in the Triennale.

Kathmandu Triennale​, Srijanalaya​, and the art institutions will create multiple encounters, workshops, and seminars with the artists.

Questions and concerns were highlighted to create an excitement about the Kathmandu Triennale 2017 and its theme - The City, My Life/The City, My Studio - among children, young people, educators, and families.

Attendees also took note of the important dates of the Triennale: • January 10: Orientation on KT artists • January 22: Deadline for handing in proposals • January 31: Srijanalaya informs people about selections • March 10: Completion of all workshops

Institutions were encouraged to think about the role of the arts in their lives and expand people’s perceptions of what is art through their projects.

Involvement of a wide range of creative art institutions and individuals to lead art appreciation workshops was highlighted.

Ideas included diverse group of people to participate as guides and facilitators of interactive activities during the Triennale.

Institutions were guided to send their proposals to srijanalaya@gmail.com by January 22, 2017.