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News and Updates

UPDATE: Exhibitions and Artists

For much of the past 5 years I have produced many exhibitions, each unique in their use of particular media or disciplinary approach. Most of these efforts, within the scope of curatorial practice, were focused on output rather than the artists. With Kathmandu Triennale, this position is changing. The inaugural edition will focus on artists […]

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A brief Review of the Contemporary Art in Nepal (1920-2014)

By Sangeeta Thapa, Siddhartha Arts Foundation for Gallerie International, August 2014. Nepal lies neatly at the center of the world’s largest growth region. As a developing country, Nepal is experiencing major political changes while writing its new constitution. It is hoped that the new constitution will defend freedom of speech, as artists have an important […]

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UPDATE: Art Thrives Here

We needed a tagline, something that would stick and of course also provide context. We decided to go with “Art Thrives Here” – which came up naturally, and KT 2017 couldn’t agree more with the statement. Kathmandu has been a center for the arts since antiquity and we, along with other art institutions of Nepal, […]

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