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Kathmandu Triennale 2017 has been covered by:

ArtBahrainThe City as Creative Laboratory

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art





Disegno (Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9)

e-FluxFirst announcement | Second announcement

Biennial Foundation I: The Inaugural Edition Of The Kathmandu Triennale (KT 2017) To Open In March 2017

Biennial Foundation II: Making Place: A Report On The First Kathmandu Triennale


ArtForum II: Announcement 

Artforum III: Heide Hinrichs On Her Work For Kathmandu Triennale

ArtNet I: Francis Alÿs Is ‘Patron Artist’ of First Kathmandu Triennale

ArtNet II: Art Stars Trek to Nepal for the First Kathmandu Trienniale, Promoting Regional Solidarity


Blogs from the Natural History Museum, UK

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia I: Maybe No One Is Listening (Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia II: Defying Danger

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia III: A Renewed Shangri-la (Page 1 | 2 )

La.Lit ITaking Care Of Art

La.Lit II: After The Show: Reflections On Self And Society

Annapurna Today

Deredactie.Be I: SMAK director is curator of Kathmandu Triennale

Deredactie.Be II: Van Cauteren (S.M.A.K.) is curator in Nepal: “Een hefboom voor Kathmandu”

hArt Magazine


International Institute for Asian Studies

The Hindu I: Rising from the Rubble (Print Version | Web Version)

The Hindu II: Kathmandu Triennale – A Dedication to the City (Print Version)

The Nepali Times ITaking Art Out In The Open

The Nepali Times IIArtavaganza

BBC Nepali

Art Viewer


Architectural Digest

Neue Zurcher Zeitung

Critical Collective

Horizon Life&Style (Russia)

Ruya Foundation/Courage In Creativity I‘Letters from Baghdad’

Ruya Foundation/Courage In Creativity II: ‘Nothing is more present today than violence’

Onlinekhabar I: Kathmandu Triennale is my tribute to the city and the artist

Onlinekhabar II: The beautiful, and very painful journey of art

Onlinekhabar III: On Omar Havana

Onlinekhabar IV: A Poland clad in Newari costume comes to Patan

Onlinekhabar V: Desire creates a city, and the same desire consumes it: Chinese artist Song Dong

Onlinekhabar VI: Finding Tunthinani, where art thrives.

Onlinekhabar VII: Artists soak in the essence of a place wherever they go


The Wallart Blogs

The Nepal Now Project I: Finally a new KIAF – Kathmandu Triennale – 2017!

The Nepal Now Project II: KT2017: The Exhibit At Nepal Art Council

Art Radar

Blouin Art Info I: Kathmandu Triennale Announces Inaugural Edition in 2017

Blouin Art Info II: Kathmandu Triennale: South Asia’s Newest Art Stop

Blouin Art Info III: Q&A: Philippe Van Cauteren, Artistic Director, S.M.A.K. Ghent, Belgium

Dhaka Tribune I: Nepal’s largest art festival featuring eight Bangladeshi artists

Dhaka Tribune II: Kathmandu Triennale: Where art thrives

Selections Arts

the Artling



Kunst Aspekte


Ima – Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper I: Kathmandu Triennale Part 1

Ima – Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper II: Kathmandu Triennale Part 2

Ima – Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper III: Kathmandu Triennale Part 3

Correspondence International

Everything Experiential


Gulf News


Lex Limbu


Art Monthly

The Kathmandu Post I: Artists and their cities

The Kathmandu Post II: Taking contemporary Nepali arts to the world

The Kathmandu Post III: Kathmandu Triennale to celebrate the city

The Kathmandu Post IV: On Omar Havana’s Book Launch

The Kathmandu Post V: Art and Liberal Education

The Kathmandu Post VI: The Man Who Cares About Detail

The Kathmandu Post VII: The Person in a Woman

The Kathmandu Post VIII: Nepal’s largest art fest kicks off

The Kathmandu Post IX: Traditional woodcarvings on display at Newa Chen

The Kathmandu Post X: Kirtipur As Canvas

The Kathmandu Post XI: Kathmandu Triennale: Artists in the City

The Kathmandu Post XII: Chitrakars At Triennale

The Kathmandu Post XIII: The Man Behind The Lakhey

The Kathmandu Post XIV: So Much To See, So Little Time

The Kathmandu Post XV: Art Market Special Edition

The Kathmandu Post XVI: Kathmandu Triennale Into Its Final Weekend

The Kathmandu Post XVII: Loss and Regeneration Through Memory

The Kathmandu Post XVIII: The Rise of the Nepali Graphic Novel

The Kathmandu Post XIX: Art As Political Protest

The Kathmandu Post XX: Other-ing

The Kathmandu Post XXI: Hunting for Treasures at Patan Durbar

The Kathmandu Post XXII: Telling The Dancers From The Dance

UNHCR Newsletter: Refugees And The City

The Himalayan Times I: Fundraiser for KT 2017 held

The Himalayan Times II: Flavours of the City

Republica I: Expressing the city through art

Republica II: Nepal Stands with Refugees: World Refugee Day 2017

OpenArt.: Kathmandu Triennale from 2017 March 24th – April 9th, organised by Siddhartha Arts Foundation

OpenArt. II: The inaugural edition of the Kathmandu Triennale (KT 2017), opens on 24 March 2017

theindependentBangladesh represented at Kathmandu Triennale

Travel News Nepal


The Daily Star

New Boss

Mid-Day: Web Version | Print Version

The Word


The Creators Project

Nepal News



Matters of Art





The National

Outlook India

Live Mint: Print Version | Web Version




Harekpal I: On Bhuwan Thapa

Harekpal II: On Amrit Karki


Metro België

India Today

The New Indian Express

The Art Blog | The National



Business Standard

The Statesman

Wave Magazine



Headlines24 I: Nepal to Launch Kathmandu Triennale in March 2017

Headlines 24 II: Kathmandu South Asia’s Newest Art Stop